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This section will give updates on latest information about ART-AID activities and related articles written about ART-AID.

2011.06.12 [Report] アーティストトーク “The Great East Japan Earthquake: How Art Can Find Its Own Way”

展示オープニングの次の日に当たる6月12日、アーティストトーク「The Great East Japan Earthquake: How Art Can Find Its Own Way」を開催しました。 このトークでは [...]

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2011.06.11 [Report] The exhibition finally begun


Three months after the earthquake in Tohoku, our show opened. This project was set to the theme of “What art can do” and we prepared the show through many discussions, so it is exciting to see this day. We uploaded photographs of the opening ceremony in Basel. We would upload detailed information later. (Photos by [...]

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2011.06.09 [Report] Carrying art works


They started carrying art works into the space. We received description of it. Here we were uploading photos of Yoko Ono’s artwork “Wish Tree” sent from Shinya Watanabe. The green of the tree looked good against the white walls that were painted by an artist, Ohmaki, and volunteers. We look forward to seeing what kind [...]

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2011.06.07 [Report] Shinya Watanabe, the chair of the committee, flew to Basel.

Though our regular meeting lasted until late last night, he had to fly to Basel the next morning. He said, “I have to pack when I return home.” I was sure he had not slept all night. We received the e-mail that said he had arrived in Basel and transit in Vienna had been no [...]

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2011.06.06 [Report] ボランティアメンバー佐藤晃さんが、母校テンプル大学にてスピーチをしました

このプロジェクトのボランティアメンバーでもあり、自身も被災し、ご母堂様を亡くされた佐藤晃さん。テンプル大学の卒業式で行ったスピーチを公開します。 佐藤さんのスピーチは、「00:55:00」あたりから。 Koh Sato’s speech on graduation ceremony of Temple University, Japan campus (It is the about the earthquake, and the lessons I learned after the earthquake and my mother’s death) Everyday is really important. On March 9th there was earthquake that shook my hometown, but I was able to get in touch with my [...]

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[Report] The 10th regular meeting


This was the last regular meeting held in Japan. Stickers to be distributed at the exhibition were ready and the preparations for the show by each artist has seemed to come to an end. We prepared for everything we could and could now see how the show would look. Shinya Watanabe, the chair of the [...]

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2011.05.30 [Report] The 9th regular meeting


It had become clear what kind of work each artist would show by then. It was a shame that we could not reveal the specifics here yet, but we felt we saw the endpoint of the exhibition. We received a report from sub-representative Ms. Yamada about the interview with Koji Nakata from Kashima Antlers. We [...]

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2011.05.28 [Report] Preparation of the exhibition space has begun.


Twelve volunteers including Artist Shinji Ohmaki painted the “Plug in” space in white where the exhibition will be held. We received the photographs of the state of the preparation. We had to do lots of shopping before starting to paint the space. Because most of us did not have much experience in painting the gallery, [...]

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2011.05.27 [Report] We received a massage from Koji Nakata from Kashima Antlers.


We visited him on a morning of May. After watching his training, we were able to interview him. He used to pla [...]

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2011.05.25 [Report] The 8th regular meeting

We shared an idea that was discussed between Mr. Ingo and Mr. Watanabe about his art work which will be shown at Art Basel. We could not reveal everything here but we felt the work would be very heartrending and emotional. While thinking about Ingo’s work, we still had to face up to our administrative [...]

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