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2012.04.01 [Report] Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” is in full bloom


After the end of the exhibition in Basel which was held in June 2011, we planted Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” with Swiss children. Since then, the tree has grown, and currently yellow flowers are in full bloom. In the land far away from Japan, looking at this Cornelia Cherry Tree which carried the wishes of [...]

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2011.09.03 [Report] Magazine Article

The MOC Vol.2, will be published in the end of September, will feature the project by Ingo Günther.

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2011.07.07 [Report] ART-AID Basel Project – 忘れないで欲しい。


未曾有の巨大地震と大津波に見舞われた3.11。自然の脅威になす術もなく、途方にくれる人が多かっただろう。現地に行く事がいいのか、寄付をする事がいいのか、私たち個人で一体何が出来るのか、国内だけでなく世界中の人々が思いめぐ [...]

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2011.07.06 [Report] Review

A review on the exhibition “Remembrance of the Future to Come” written by Shingo Inao was featured on REALTOKYO.

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2011.06.28 [Report] Joseph Beuys “Dialogue at the Tokyo University of the Arts on 2nd June 1984”


In the basement, we showed a video of the dialogue between Joseph Beuys and 300 students when Beuys visited Japan in 1984. In this assembly, while Beuys answered students’ and professors’ questions, he claimed that “we have to build a society where we individuals have independence, creativity and think for ourselves, decide for ourselves and [...]

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2011.06.22 [Report] 来場者のお話

Looking Shinji's work 9860

本展示の一つ特徴は、来場者のリピート率が高いことにあります。友人や家族に展示を紹介したいと数人を引き連れてきて作品の解説をする人、大巻さんの「一瞬」をもとめてくる人、ヨーゼフ・ボイスの芸大でのレクチャーを最後までしっかり [...]

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[Report] Japanese people gathered from all over the world


Many people around the world visited Art Basel for the various exhibitions. There were Japanese people who came from Europe and had a friendly chat with our staff. This exhibitions drew the attention of people who found out about the show through twitter, were visiting Art Basel, or saw the poster of the show. There [...]

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[Report] Ohmaki Shinji –Eclipse of Life- “seeking the moment”


Artist Ohmaki’s latest work tried to crystallize the “moment” of the eclipse to trace the ray of sunshine in through the gallery’s huge window. Many red flowers on the white floor caught people’s attention, and people who were just passing by the gallery happened to see his work and came into the gallery. (There were [...]

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[Report] Ingo Günther “Thanks a Million”


You see a huge map of Japan and red envelopes when you enter the gallery. This is Ingo’s latest work, “Thanks a Million.” He was preparing the work at the Miraikan in Odaiba when the 311 earthquake happened. He was also interested in the beauty of the Japanese coastline which was expressed as “White sand [...]

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2011.06.20 [Report] Report from Basel “Wishes” gathered at Basel

種からまた1000の木が育ちますように。その木達からまた1000の木が… 2 of 12 images next previous close

I helped on the 18th (Sat.) and 19th (Sun.) at the “Plug In” Exhibition. There were many visitors because it was a weekend. I learned a lesson though conversation with visitors about audiences, art works, Japan, and the world. They showed their enthusiastic interest and asked about art works, and we received their praise. I [...]

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