01.04.2012 Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” is in full bloom

After the end of the exhibition in Basel which was held in June 2011, we planted Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” with Swiss children. Since then, the tree has grown, and currently yellow flowers are in full bloom.

In the land far away from Japan, looking at this Cornelia Cherry Tree which carried the wishes of the exhibition supporters and the visitors, I could reconfirm the meaning of sowing and nurturing, and even felt that we, as the organizer of this charity event, are encouraged by this grown tree.

Recovery of Tohoku after the earthquake is still in the middle of its way, but we should never let the fire of hope go out, and act whatever we can do. I wish that some day, these acts would bring the flowers in full bloom to the destruction site.

Shinya Watanabe