06.06.2011 ボランティアメンバー佐藤晃さんが、母校テンプル大学にてスピーチをしました



Koh Sato’s speech on graduation ceremony of Temple University, Japan campus

(It is the about the earthquake, and the lessons I learned after the earthquake and my mother’s death)

Everyday is really important.

On March 9th there was earthquake that shook my hometown, but I was able to get in touch with my mother and father and they were safe.

But on March 11th, I lost my mother suddenly and I cannot go back to the same daily life I had before the Tsunami.

One week after the Tsunami I was able to contact my Father. He said my Mother was missing. When I went to Iwate to look for her, even though everyone from there was having such a difficult time, they showed me great kindness.

After the Tsunami, Doctors and nurses, the police and the Self-defense forces from all over Japan came to Iwate to help people.

I met many nurses who were helping people who had lost their families and their homes. Even so they were very kind to me.

My brother had been working as journalist in the Congo. He was contacted by the people he knew in the Congo, because they were worried for him and our family. I was moved by the kindness from so far away

I thought everyday life continues infinitely, but it does not.

There is a change inside me since the earthquake, about how I think about my life, about how I want to live my life every day.

I do not want to talk about the earthquake, but I do want to talk about the lessons I learned after the earthquake.

I learned that the connections we make with other people are important. These connections can make our life better every day.

I want everyone to feel the importance of kindness and the connection to others in daily life, without having the same experience of the earthquake.

If we do not feel our connections to the others in daily life, all we can feel is regret when they pass away.

I think everyone heard the news of the earthquake, and many people donated and even if they did not donate, they care about people in Tohoku area. I really appreciate their kindness.

I want to say you one more thing, I now think, if there is something I should do, I should do it now.

I hope you think about that. If you feel you need to say thanks to someone, Say thanks to parents, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, professors.

Please just say that today, not tomorrow.