Messages of Support

Kenichiro MOGI (ART-AID Committee Supervisor)

Kenichiro MOGI, senior researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratory Graduated from Tokyo University Engineering Department and Law School as well as graduate school of Physics and has a doctor’s degree in Engineering. He specializes in neuroscience and cognitive science. He has done research at RIKEN Advanced Science Institute and Cambridge University and is currently a faculty member at Keio University and Waseda University. He is also an author of many books related to his field.

Koji Nakata (Kashima Antlers)

>> 中田浩二選手のインタービュー記事はこちら

Lou Oshiba

Lou Ohshiba(TV personality)

Born in 1954 in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Became popular for his own coinage of mixture of English and Japanese language in his own original style.
A blog which he started in 2006 gained popular support among the young generations. He became active in environmental initiatives in which he started to use his own chopsticks, cleaning the Jukai (Sea of Trees) area at the foot of Mt. Fuji and collecting garbage from communities after singing MOTTAINAI on a NHK music program in 2007.
His hobbies include collecting loaches and killifish, and also tea ceremony in which he holds the title of Enshu school associate master. He is appointed as a guest professor at Yamano College of Aesthetics from July 2010.