What is ART-AID?

On 11th March 2011 the massive earthquake and tsunami struck the Tohoku region. The disaster not only shocked the world but also changed our perspective of life.

While witnessing the scale of the devastation unfold in front of us, we have started to think about what we could do to help those affected by the tragedy, despite the fact that the event made us feel completely powerless.

Artists from Japan and other countries have started raising their voices to say, “What can we do right now?”

Receiving enthusiastic responses from many artists who want to support the people in need in the Tohoku region lead us to start a voluntary organization called “Art Aid.”

Ways in which art can get involved may be limited, but it has an enormous power to cross the boundaries because of its universal appeal.

There are also many people all over the world who believe in the power of art, and “Art Aid” is intended to bring these two beliefs together.

ART-AID will introduce to the world what is actually happening in the devastated area right now and also offer people in the area the power to move on by sharing the hope for reconstruction at the exhibition at ART 42 Basel in June.

We will also be collecting donations from sales made at the exhibition and also donations collected from exhibition visitors to orphans of the earthquake for their education.

ART-AID committee members and artists who participate in the exhibition all work as volunteers.

We hope you will endorse our purpose for this project and we would be very grateful if you could support our project.

ART-AID Committee members