What is ART-AID?

February 24, 2022.
The news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocked us as much as any person who wishes for world peace.

In the face of the horrific situation that is repeatedly reported on a daily basis, we want to help the people of Ukraine.

What can we, who are geographically far away from Ukraine, do for them from Japan? 

While thinking about this, we came up with the idea of unifying our feelings through art and collecting donations for them.

Amidst the disasters of war, what we can do through the power of art may be limited. However, we are certain that we can entrust our thoughts of peace and hope for the future to the common language of art, which transcends ethnicities and national borders.

ART-AID is an art volunteer organization that was established in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, in order to support the area affected by the earthquake and tsunami. 

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, “ART-AID: Basel Project Japan” was held in Basel, Switzerland. The money raised through the charity exhibition was donated to scholarships for orphans affected by the disaster.

This time, “ART-AID: Japan Project for Ukraine” will conduct an art exhibition by a Ukrainian born artist, Viktoria Sorochinski. The charity exhibition will be held in Japan to raise donations to support local children in Ukraine. 

We will start crowdfunding for the exhibition in April 2022, and then hold the exhibition at Gallery TOM in Shibuya, Tokyo from May of the same year.

We will share our thoughts for peace through the artist’s works and deliver the strength to face difficulties to the children of Ukraine, who will be the bearers of the future.

In addition, half of the sales of artworks to be sold through crowdfunding, and all donations collected at the exhibition will be donated to support children in Ukraine.

All members of the ART-AID Executive Committee work as volunteers.

We hope many people will understand the purpose of “ART-AID” and give us support.

March 2022
ART-AID Executive Committee

About ART-AID Executive Committee

The ART-AID Executive Committee consists of volunteers who responded to the call of Shinya Watanabe, an independent curator/adjunct professor at Temple University Japan, including a wide range of people of all ages, from students to working adults.